MIDI Clock Sync

Element supports MIDI Clock slave and master

MIDI Clock Slave

To slave to a clock source, first you need to enable it in Preferences -> General.  Under the Clock Source option, choose "MIDI Clock."  After doing this, Element will sync tempo to the clock master.  Element will also respond to MIDI Start, stop and continue messages sent from the master.

EXT button, to disable clock sync, you can do so by turning off the "EXT" button found in the toolbar.

MIDI Clock Master

To be the MIDI clock master, open the Preferences -> MIDI page, and turn on the "Generate MIDI Clock" option.

The default behavior sends clocks to the MIDI output device.  Turning on Send Clock to MIDI input, will instead send clocks to the MIDI input.  The latter allows routing clocks to plugins on your graphs.

MIDI start, stop, and continue will also be generated when the transport is started and stopped.

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